Nice move, Massachusetts.

Look, all I’m saying is that if the Democrats are so incompetent they can’t mount a successful campaign in Mass, or get anything useful passed in the almost two years they had a supermajority in Congress and the White House, why then, I’d like to see a new party come up to challenge the conservatives. A party that thinks very differently about how we treat our citizens, how we regulate our businesses and markets, how we educate our kids, and how we prioritize safe food, water, air, and citizenry.

Anyone for a party with actual progressive values? One that can sway independent voters with, say solid policy and the guts to sell it?

Sheesh. It’s Taxachusetts for heaven’s sake. How do you throw that one?

Marketing 101

Dear Mr. Axelrod,
When you have an important message on a key policy issue from the leader of your political party, the email should not be titled “Got a few minutes?”

Aside from being grammatically incorrect (it should be “Have a few minutes?”) you almost guarantee having your email deleted before it’s been read. The answer to “got a few minutes” is always “no.” The answer to “To Whom It May Concern” is a universal, “not me; check for someone else while you’re in the trash can.”

If you’re sending out a short, compelling video about health care reform, maybe use the subject lines:
Four Minutes to Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform in Just Four Minutes
Health Care Reform in a Few Minutes
A Few Minutes to Health Care Reform.

This is just Advertising 101, people. Your only chance to be read is the headline. You have one second. “Got a minute?” doesn’t cut it. (Have vs. Got is Grammar 1A.)

(You can see the video on the White House site, but I’m not linking because I don’t reward poor grammar.)