Nice move, Massachusetts.

Look, all I’m saying is that if the Democrats are so incompetent they can’t mount a successful campaign in Mass, or get anything useful passed in the almost two years they had a supermajority in Congress and the White House, why then, I’d like to see a new party come up to challenge the conservatives. A party that thinks very differently about how we treat our citizens, how we regulate our businesses and markets, how we educate our kids, and how we prioritize safe food, water, air, and citizenry.

Anyone for a party with actual progressive values? One that can sway independent voters with, say solid policy and the guts to sell it?

Sheesh. It’s Taxachusetts for heaven’s sake. How do you throw that one?

Telemarketers of the world: unite!

The funniest part of this CNN article on the affadavit about improprieties between Senator Burris and the allegedly despicable and allegedly Napoleanic Illinois governor is that CNN called Blago’s house for a comment and “a woman answering the telephone at [his] home told CNN he was not available and hung up.”

Um, two things. One, get caller id. Or screen your calls with one of those newfangled answering machines. Or something, seriously, so you don’t have to answer the phone three hundred times a day just to get to the one call from grandma Sue wishing you Happy VD.

Two, the Blagojevich household is clearly an ideal target for all those of you who make your living calling us with surveys, telemarketing deals, and polls. Please call these people instead. They are answering their phones even though it’s freaking tapped by the FBI, so they’re clearly desperate to talk to someone in the outside world. They just can’t talk about federal indictments. So call them and offer them two for one on something, ask them their opinion about fuel economy, offer to send them the latest and greatest from Ronco, or call to ask whom they are voting for in 2012. Because this household is a telemarketer’s dream. I’ll betchya if you promise not to talk about the Senate or gross impropriety, they’ll talk to you for hours.