Nice move, Massachusetts.

Look, all I’m saying is that if the Democrats are so incompetent they can’t mount a successful campaign in Mass, or get anything useful passed in the almost two years they had a supermajority in Congress and the White House, why then, I’d like to see a new party come up to challenge the conservatives. A party that thinks very differently about how we treat our citizens, how we regulate our businesses and markets, how we educate our kids, and how we prioritize safe food, water, air, and citizenry.

Anyone for a party with actual progressive values? One that can sway independent voters with, say solid policy and the guts to sell it?

Sheesh. It’s Taxachusetts for heaven’s sake. How do you throw that one?

10 thoughts on “Nice move, Massachusetts.

  1. I saw the same pattern with Hillary Clinton. The nooz kept showing WhiteD00dz saying they “just didn’t like Coakley” (well, duh, she has tits and isn’t on the MILF list with Pam Anderson!) and “she got complacent” (she didn’t give anyone blow jobs to get votes, the tragedy). All the repug d00d had to do was bone up because the DemD00dz weren’t rushing to Coakley’s side until it was too late.

    Fuck parties. Vote for women who support women. Vote pale male stale out.

  2. aaaaaaand I just read the douchebag winner announced during his victory speech that his daughters “are available” for those watching on tv. The party of pimp family values assvertises their kids. EPIC FAIL

  3. jc, it just gauls me what happens to a society that undereducates its citizenry, creates a faux democracy based on cronyism and corporate donations, in which they paternally pat us on the head for being uninformed and then run charm contests every two years then ram us with the results. And offer their daughters to the disgusting hoardes.
    bah. what happened to the country I believed in?

  4. Awww….now, now, peeps. Let’s not make the mistake of sweeping stereotypes. There are quite a few Reps around who are concerned with the same issues- they just may have a different way of going about it. I don’t think making caricatures serves the dialogue at all. And do we really want to bring up the many, many times Dems have misspoken? He’ll learn. I’ll give him at least as much of a chance as I did Obama.

  5. The healthcare bill is driving me crazy! How can they f this up so bad? How hard is it to get anything good done for the country? My new platform: finance and campaign reform. Let’s get lobbists out of our government.

  6. fae, SCOTUS just gave “free speech$$$” away to corporations for votes. I used to think education would turn the wayward bus around. Today proved not.

  7. “If the Democrats run for cover, if we become pale carbon copies of the opposition, we will lose, and deserve to lose.” -Ted Kennedy

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