The most challenging part of regular blogging is all the things I can’t say in this space. I write to be honest, to share, to ask questions. 

But I don’t write to shame or embarrass other people. So I’m sometimes stuck fighting the urge to write everything I’ve experienced and how I feel about it. 

In consideration of the public forum, of readers both known and unknown, of future lights in which these words will appear, of parties relictant to have their lives discussed in my blog…there’s a lot I can’t say. 

Four bits from today I simply can’t tell you. One silence is a legality, two are rooted in decorum to protect asshats who wronged me, and one silence is because I don’t want to reread in five years and feel like a jerk. 

So here is a photo of twinkly lights. Consolation prize. 

    Twinkle lights, like right now, in my living room. On the bookcase. 
Maybe tomorrow will have content for public consumption. 

Or more lights. 

    That’s lights and books and microscope. That’s pretty good, y’all. Pretty good day. 

12 thoughts on “TMI

  1. I haven’t been blogging all that long but I know what you mean. I sort of think the rule about writing on the internet is that you need to be happy to have it printed on a giant billboard with your name and face on it.

    Anyway, lovely blog.

  2. Haha yes I can relate to this post!! So many posts started then deleted before hitting the publish button!

  3. I feel your pain…you WANT to post your disgust/anger/disappointment to the world so they can commiserate – but at the same time you don’t want to deal with the possible fallout

    In my opinion, the lights are the best option.

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