“I’m not good at applying for jobs”

My five year old was in the bath tonight, and asked me how people get jobs.

I explained that there were several ways. I fudged the data a lot, and went on a bit too long, Neither of those will shock regular readers.


Well, you’re qualified to thresh grain and grind it into meal, so you’ll be hired in no time.

My synopsis only had three paths to a job…

“After college, when you have lots of things you’re good at, you find a company you want to work for, and you offer to do those things you’re good at, for them.

Or you graduate from college and the professors who know what you’re good at call companies they know and say, ‘this guy is good at stuff you need…can he work for you?’

Or companies who need someone who is good at certain things can post a job, usually online, on the Internet, and ask for people who are good at the things they need done. And you apply to those jobs that match what you do.”

“But I’m not good at applying for jobs,” he sighed.

I looked at him. “Of course not,” I said. “You haven’t practiced it yet. You get good at what you practice, so you’d have to learn to apply, then apply a lot, until you get good. And then, when you practice, I’ll bet you’ll get very good at applying for jobs. And you’ll get a job you like, I hope.”

“Mom, did you forget this morning? When I said I’m not getting a job.”

“Oh, right, when you said you don’t want a job and asked how you could not work.”


“And I said you have to have really rich parents, which you don’t, or you have to start a company and sell it for a lot of money.”

“Yep. And I’m going to do that one.”

“Yep. And we decided two million is better than one thousand.”

“Yep, because one thousand doesn’t even pay rent.”





“Do I have to apply for the part where I start a company, or can I just do it?”

“You just do it, baby.”

“Okay. That’s definitely my choice.”



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  1. I love those two nutters.

    Don’t worry Peanut, the people reading your applications have IQs less than 5. If you start working on your resume now, you might land a job by the time you start driving. Perfect timing. :)

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