Good news, bad news

The good news: Spouse and Peanut went to an awesome Open House here, and rather than being attracted to swordmaking or glass-blowing, Peanut has discovered his calling in acrobatics. So we’re looking into trampoline and trapeze classes. Who knew there were three circus schools nearby? (Important note to animal activists everywhere: we’re talking human circus. Acrobatics and aerial dance. We’re not into animal abuse in the Naptime Family.)

The bad news: Butter can now make his way across the room…backwards. He doesn’t know he’s doing it. He gets up on his knees, can’t figure out what to do, stands on his toes, falls on his face, and while he’s furious about that, scoots backwards. And backwards. And backwards.

So I have an acrobat and an inchworm. Together. In the same living room.

Game on.

14 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. May the acrobat teach the inchworm to do tricks and make a million bucks for Mummy and Spouse to say “thank you for being such wonderful parents and offering me all these fabulous opportunities!” There’s nothing like an insect circus to bring in the bucks!

  2. My money is on Butter…All that jumping around and contortionism with Peanut will lead to all sorts of shenanigans. Butter is unaware of his mad, scooting skills, therefore, making him a natural. I am afraid your hands are officially full, my dear…

  3. How cool, acrobatics!

    I bet flipping around on a trampoline will be great for Peanut. He can go all ‘extreme’ on those nice bouncy surfaces and use some of all that energy he has for challenging rules and such to challenge that old gravity rule.

  4. not sure about your staircase situation, napster, but baby gates may be in order. it’s hard to keep track of the acrobatics of two small monkey-humans. they destroy things. they hurt themselves. and each other.

  5. Nadine: That would be lovely. Gratitude AND cash totally tops the mom wish list, no?
    Maria: Don’t I know it.
    Kitch: I tagged the post “I’m totally scrod” because I thought the same two words. Also? “Holy crap.”
    Macondo: exactly what I’m hoping
    squadrato: Righteous, eh? They already have a bearded lady heading the whole troupe, so…
    j: No stairs, thank Jupiter. Just tiny breakable limbs and digits. Trying not to think about it. I might babygate one room to keep ButterBug safe during the more intense moments at Chez Nap.
    Ink: I’m gonna see if Netflix has any Cirque DVDs to keep Peanut from going all Kipper Circus on me.

  6. the little one is moving – there’s no turning back now… if they haven’t already taken over they will soon. And though they will surely argue they will work together everytime to overcome you! Good luck!

  7. Our baby has been crawling on hands and knees for a couple of weeks now. Uh, screwed doesn’t cover it. We don’t have stairs, but we do have all sorts of dangerous bookcases. (The bookcases themselves are anchored to the walls, but they are all stacked two or three deep with heavy volumes.) Baby’s already pulled the Riverside Shakespeare onto himself a couple of times. So we’re barricading as much as possible. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s also pulling up on the coffee table and managing to scoot himself around it too. We’ve got a cruiser already. Already!! I keep thinking, “aren’t you supposed to be a little blob still??” But no, he’s nine months old this week. Blob no more.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about the crawling. Even though it’s backwards, we all know what happens next. ((sigh)) The concept of immobile baby was nice while it lasted. I still miss those days…

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