Busy, busy, busy

It’s Peanut’s half birthday, so we’re making half cupcakes (tinfoil folded into each well in the tin) and half wrapping a half present (a toy that got lost or broken gets replaced on half birthday).

And Peanut is going around writing his half name. “Pear,” it turns out, is exactly half of Peanut. Or so he has declared.

See what I learn while inventing reasons to bake and serve chocolate in a month with no holidays except a long-distance uncle’s birthday?

11 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. I was about to call bullshit on you until I read the chocolate part. There’s no way I’d go the tinfoil route. There’s mini cupcakes, and then there’s the old hack it in half with a knife route. You’re gonna eat half the pan anyway, amirite?

  2. Half birthdays keep coming up here too. My son genuinely believes that he is entitled to a party and presents for his half birthday. I think I’ll delay education about quarters and reinforce education about what BIRTHday really is.

  3. jc you know me way too well, and may call bullshit until you hear this: as far as Peanut knows we’re having half cupcakes. He’s going to spend a lot of time crafting half wells. *I* am going to bake an extra pan of whole cupcakes and eat them by myself after he goes to bed. So, yes, posing a bit for the interwebs but still technically honest. Just a bit of omission. Sin, schmin…omission is the stock and trade of parents.
    Penni, I was trying to find a way to get around presents until he broke the teapot from his tea set last week. Close enough to the half birthday, and he uses that tea set all the time. So. Half present is born. He doesn’t know he didn’t get a half present last year (or a half birthday at all because I was puking my guts out with Butter-gestation-allergy). He’s still expecting lots of people to come over. Hah. His best chance is the whole office from Child Protective Services. Other than that, no guests.

  4. LOL Busted. You no fool me the chocolate addict. Devour the other half of the pan for me.

    I’ve been making chocolate cake snacks for myself lately, and adding a strong 1/2 cup of coffee to the batter. mmmmmmmm.

  5. Miss D.’s birthday is so close to Christmas that she always gets gypped; thus, the tradition of a half-birthday in our house. For us, it means a torturous mid-summer trip to Water World. I like yours better.

  6. Half birthdays are important at that age, us, not so much…But what better reason do you need for chocolate cupcakes. By the way, will you be serving full or half cupcakes to Child Protection Services when they pull up to the party? Enjoy him, it goes by way too (half) fast!

  7. I want Halloween cupcakes for my half birthday. Mini-witches, please, chocolate of course, with chocolate sprinkles. Ya know, since the kiddo is making them and all.

  8. @jc whoa…I use coffee, too. Moosewood’s six minute chocolate cake demands it and I concur. So your witch cupcakes will be extra super chocolately with coffee. And rainbows and glitter.
    @letmestart You’re welcome.
    @Kitch I don’t care how gyped my kids are they are NEVER getting a regular trip to a water park. Let the grandparents brave that nonsense.
    @Brotherly Wanna borrow chocolate day? Friday. Every week. Chocolate for all those old enough to partake. You, too, are welcome. ;-)
    @Maria CPS gets the lead-paint chips and arsenic salsa
    @Ink you got it.

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