Good news, bad news

The good news: Spouse and Peanut went to an awesome Open House here, and rather than being attracted to swordmaking or glass-blowing, Peanut has discovered his calling in acrobatics. So we’re looking into trampoline and trapeze classes. Who knew there were three circus schools nearby? (Important note to animal activists everywhere: we’re talking human circus. Acrobatics and aerial dance. We’re not into animal abuse in the Naptime Family.)

The bad news: Butter can now make his way across the room…backwards. He doesn’t know he’s doing it. He gets up on his knees, can’t figure out what to do, stands on his toes, falls on his face, and while he’s furious about that, scoots backwards. And backwards. And backwards.

So I have an acrobat and an inchworm. Together. In the same living room.

Game on.