Hey, that’s not spam!

I think the WordPressspam filter might be biased against open dialogue and thoughtful comments. Because here are some of the things it caught today:

sKxthonjfwudyu, [url=http://mrexnftgfbqt.com/]mrexnftgfbqt[/url], [link=http://unfchazxfjub.gov/]unfchazxfjub[/link], http://pqekmqataalu.gov/
I think the spam filter might just be a prescriptivist linguist to single out this one, right? It’s just expressing the commenter’s heartfelt, if a bit non-English, feelings.

And, clearly, the spam filter doesn’t know about my multiple personality disorder, nor that my friends call me “dude” and “fella” and “bro” because it also split this comment away from the post for which the ideas are designed:
hi there dudes
my mother recently ran into an online store. the store is selling wide range of discounted label clothes. the shop is selling the items with almost 65% savings. my daughter really needs to get a pair before the get away but not sure that order will be brought in right on time. I am planning to order those prada shoes but not sure yet.
just urged to share with you bros.
thnx fellas.

And what kind of jingoistic, anti-capitalist spam filter can ignore the power of this:
I stand here today humbled by the task before dufus komas, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our cheap dufus komas. I thank President dufus power leveling for his service to buy dufus komas, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

It’s just the spam filter’s power structures and inherent prejudices trying to silence the voices of the powerless. Fight the spam filter.

And to you, gentle spambots, keep those nonsensical spam comments coming! You’re not wasting my time or limited brain space or anything by deluging my tiny little blog with crap. Really.

7 thoughts on “Hey, that’s not spam!

  1. YES! The dufus komas. I get spammed by them several times a week. I’m so curious about what they hell they are but I refuse to click on their link or research it. They certainly are persistent…

  2. You get the dufus komas? I only get che@p vi@gr@! and a whole bunch of non-English (some actual other languages, some gibberish). And now let’s see if the spam filter catches this…

  3. I enjoy the spam that’s… aggressively heterosexual. Because the thing is, Spambots, I’m really just not into hot [expletive deleted], no matter which continent it’s from.

  4. I read this yesterday, laughed very hard, then left without commenting, apparently. Now I’m back and I am still laughing. Kudos to you for finding the silver lining…of spam.

  5. Ladies and gents, I get the porn, I get the little blue pills, and i get the nonsense text. I just didn’t have the energy to clean them up for reposting without generating *more* spam.
    Dan, I’m partial to hot, nasty, intercontinental *derogatory word for female genitalia* too. As are most of my gay male and straight female friends. So I approve those spam comments wholesale. Public service.

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