Marriage of heaven and hell

Know my idea of heaven? Being away from home, in either urban or rural setting, where my time is entirely my own and the only bottom I wipe is my own. Where I see friends of all sorts for eating and meandering and simply talking, all of which occurs without interruption except by consenting, pleasant adults. In this heaven there is no acting as full time Superego for my Id escapee; no addressing anybody’s sleeping, cleaning, reading, or playing needs but my own. There is intellectual stimulation and quiet in equal measure. There are deep breaths and completed thoughts completely bereft of whining, hitting, screeching, demanding, and throwing. In this heaven there is no Candyland.

Well, erumpent Id with messy bottom and multivalent sleep, cleanliness, reading, and play needs: I get all that heaven and more in one week. Hope the anticipation bodes well for your caretaking for the next seven days.

10 thoughts on “Marriage of heaven and hell

  1. oh i am jealous. going anywhere fun? i guess anywhere is fun when you’re alone! a ride on a city bus is fun when you’re by yourself! though, really, you’re not actually by yourself at the moment, are you?

  2. Oh, I will be enjoying it, fair readers. New York City, plethora of friends, David Foster Wallace conference at CUNY, food, sleep, and self-determination. Even the wifi is free on Virgin this month. The good mojo is swirlin’, giving me one last taste before the deluge next year.

  3. A heaven without Candyland. Could such a place really exist?

    (I’d wish you a great time in NY and smother you with “you deserve its” but I’m a little too jealous right now.)

  4. Foaming at the mouth with jealousy! HOW many days without Candyland? Awesome.

    AND you get to talk with other big-brains about DFW? Girl, you are in paradise! Have fun! Eat pastrami for me…oh wait….:)

  5. Ah, me. Such bliss.

    I am an incredibly unsightly shade of green that you are going to a DFW conference. In New York, no less. Green, green, green.

    BTW, an apropos of nothing, I am 30 pages away from finishing “Ulysses.” (Having the World Series has helped, in that it preempted several of my favorite shows and removed a recurrent source of distraction in those blissful hours after the Critter’s bedtime.)

  6. Okay, seriously, what is it about Candyland? I remember liking it as a child. I was excited when my mom bought it for Peanut. And it makes my eyes bleed with impatience and my skin itch with hatred. That game is sheer torture. Why?
    (Dan, way to go on Ulysses. going it alone with a new babe and just after IJ would make me throw in the towel. You’re my hero. Esp. because I know you don’t like it.)
    (TKW don’t be too jealous, but one of the friends I’m meeting is my old Boston foodie pal, with whom I canvassed all of Boston’s finest cuisine [yes, there is some, but not as much as zagat says] so she’s got the 411 on the absolute bestest. Maybe there’s veggie pastrami. Or maybe I’ll be thrown out of town for even checking the menu for such a thing.)

  7. You know you’ll have that one day, and you’ll look back and miss these days. Mainly because you’ll suffer from Mom-anesia but still you’ll miss it.

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