Sixth birthday edition

There are no words to express my surprise that we made it to age 6.

I have two thoughts for you, in honor of the many things my incredible child has taught me. Ready?

Plan activities for birthday parties that assume you will only get useful participation and energy for 7 minutes. That means a two-hour party needs *at least* fifteen planned activities. This time I achieved that planning goal, and we had a fabulous party and only one leftover activity. (I got lazy after decorate your own cupcakes and let him open presents. I know some parents say no way to opening in front of other kids, but I say “that’s seven minutes right there.”


Kiss your kids every day that they’re here. A wonderful six-year-old friend was just diagnosed with leukemia and I don’t even want to think about things like that. So I’ll work on my patience and work on playing even more with my kids than I already do, and I’ll kiss them every single day they’re alive.

How’s that for a little party-planning and mortality blog post? At least you know you’re in the right place.

Naptime Writing, where our motto is “making things the opposite of easy for at least six years.”