Counting Lucky Stars

This week, my little wrecking crew of a three-year-old closed me into the kitchen as I made lunches.
“Shhhhhh,” he said. “I just really need some quiet.”


My shoulders dropped several inches and I breathed the air of joy and silence and adrenaline-dissipation. Peace was mine for at least 30 seconds, and it was sweet.

Later in the week, my little bundle of raw nerves, almost-eight-year-old took a deep breath and started to chill the heck out.
“I just need some space,” he calmly told his shrieking little brother. “I might be allergic to you.”

Again, I measured my relief in decreased tension and increased oxygen intake. I had space to breathe twice in a week? Genuinely, seriously unheard of.

And then, today, two of the boys slated for our impending birthday sleepover party told their moms that they’d really rather attend just the waking hours of the party. I had offered to each family the opportunity to sleep here, or to stay right up until teeth brushing, go home, and return for the morning breakfast and egg hunt.

Having two children opt out of the giggling, silly, late-night horse pucky that is trying to get elementary-school children to sleep? I swear to all that I hold dear…this is a Pope verifiable miracle. This represents three deep breaths in a week, and I am so grateful that I’m going on a tear of charity donations, random acts of kindness, and willful support of those who normally irk me.

I’m almost to the point of skipping, dear readers. Seriously. Life is good, kind, and glorious.

And now that I think of it, it all started when Jimmy Fallon hit some incredible notes on The Tonight Show.

Maybe my unbounded joy, immeasurable good fortune, and serendipitous droplets of magical fairy nectar this week are because of the history of rap.

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Anything amazing happen to you this week?

Was it better than quiet and calm in the midst of two feuding brothers?
Was it better than this?

Sixth birthday edition

There are no words to express my surprise that we made it to age 6.

I have two thoughts for you, in honor of the many things my incredible child has taught me. Ready?

Plan activities for birthday parties that assume you will only get useful participation and energy for 7 minutes. That means a two-hour party needs *at least* fifteen planned activities. This time I achieved that planning goal, and we had a fabulous party and only one leftover activity. (I got lazy after decorate your own cupcakes and let him open presents. I know some parents say no way to opening in front of other kids, but I say “that’s seven minutes right there.”


Kiss your kids every day that they’re here. A wonderful six-year-old friend was just diagnosed with leukemia and I don’t even want to think about things like that. So I’ll work on my patience and work on playing even more with my kids than I already do, and I’ll kiss them every single day they’re alive.

How’s that for a little party-planning and mortality blog post? At least you know you’re in the right place.

Naptime Writing, where our motto is “making things the opposite of easy for at least six years.”