Pure Bliss

Early morning run.

Write client web copy.

Quick shower.

Drive to the ocean.  

 Large plate of fresh fruit, pumpkin scone with spiced pepitas. Mimosa. Decaf mocha. Write client ad campaign.

Kale, garbanzo bean salad with fig balsamic vinaigrette. Heirloom tomato greek salad. Mimosa. Homemade pistachio toffee. Write more web copy.

Sauna, with a book.

Walk on the beach at sunset.

Pear and brie in phyllo, asparagus with roasted red pepper sauce, ricotta blackberry tart, strawberries in balsamic glaze, and zinfandel.

 Episode of Sherlock.

And then another. 

Full night of sleep.

The beginning. 

11 thoughts on “Pure Bliss

  1. This is why I won’t read your posts before grocery shopping! Grrr golf course. Lovely ocean, miss the blueness.

    • The golf course totally ruined the view for me. But it made me get outside to actually walk on the beach, which isn’t over-watered and fertilized for the pleasure of a handful of insanely rich humans.

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