Better than chocolate

For my birthday, my boys wrote special notes to me, courtesy of a sweet little book that prompted them to spell out why they love me.

The oldest said things that warmed my heart…


But he also made me laugh.

they are so horrified when I start dancing mid-dinner because the song is just. too. good.

That’s a fact, boy. No j/k about it.

The little guy melted my inner Grinch, too…

One of those previous two is true, by the way.

But the best line from each gives a little window into their personality.

literal. also very literal.

daily focus on gratitude? check.

That’s about all I need in a birthday present, right there.

The feeling is mutual.

13 thoughts on “Better than chocolate

  1. Nobody deserves that more than you. I would frame those suckers and hang them in every room. The next wrestling match or kickboxing bout, just point to the wall and tell them to read it to you. Happy birthday nappers. Love and glitter always, unicorn

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