Forward my mail to Terminal Two

Effective immediately, I will be living at SFO’s Terminal Two. It was vacant for years, then attacked by the zen masters from Virgin America.



The food, dear readers. The farm stand with organic produce, Frog Hollow jams, ACME bread; Pinkberry; Peet’s; Andale; and more

The lighting, dear readers. The lavender, pink, blue lights. Mock if you will, But Virgin does subtle mood lighting very well.

Oh, and the seating, dear readers. Computer bars with outlets galore. Egg-pod-shaped swivel chairs that offer a 360 degree view of the adjacent gates.

Compost bins. Space in which to move and breathe and not be touching other people. Eco-friendly practices and cleaning.

And then? The yoga room, dear readers. You read that correctly. Yoga. Room.


Said yoga room is right outside security. I already had my shoes off for the TSA barefoot tango, so I went into the empty, quiet, softly lit room. I used the eco-wipes to clean a yoga mat and saluted no fewer than ten suns. Luckily, I travel in a skort.

yes, you read that right: in a skort.

So if you want to find me, send all correspondence to NaptimeEatingAndYogaing c/o Terminal Two, San Francisco International Airport.

Yes, I know that if lighting and food at an airport excites me that I need to get out more. But now that I’ve found my new home in T2, it might be a while.

4 thoughts on “Forward my mail to Terminal Two

  1. It’s like heaven, but no one has to die!

    Next time I go over the Pacific, I will fly out of T2 for sure. Last time, I ran at 10000 unicornpower to get thru SFO to my gate and picked up a nasty infectious disease in that split second. srsly. I don’t do yoga, my body doesn’t bend when not forced. But I will gladly relax in those egg chairs and take a nap.

  2. You are kidding me! I will pray for a world take-over. That is heaven. Safe and meditative travels.

    I must find my way back to the west coast. My chances of saluting suns at an airport near me are nil. Nearest airport is Newark. Need I say more?

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