Well, that’s saying something

Today’s successes:

Both my children are still alive.
Neither of my children was emotionally wounded today (unless you count resentment over having a light saber taken away when it was used in ways contrary to house rules, or being denied cookies as a primary meal).
I am not Donald Trump.
I am not John Edwards.
I made and frosted four cakes for the school fundraiser tomorrow.
I did not eat any of them.

Not. Too. Bad.

9 thoughts on “Well, that’s saying something

  1. FOUR cakes? AND all those other things?

    Well, that calls for MASSIVE glitter showers and forty herkies in your honor.

  2. Four cakes? Wowzers. Coming from someone who barely enjoys making the pre-made and pre-perforated cookie dough cookies, I’m impressed.

  3. Sanstrousers, they do! Did you not hear the Top 40 hit titled “Not John Edwards or Donald Trump!”? That one’s about me.

    Heather, I save for their therapy funds not for college.

    sun4flower, I am one of those weird people who finds zen in sifting flour and cocoa together. It’s one of my many faults, but it wins friends and influences people at a bake sale. You are hereby absolved of ever having to make cookies again, though, by the power vested in me by the blogosphere and Interwebs. (legally binding and to be printed out and put with your organ donor card.)

    Cathy, it’s only out of a horror at headlines where people are eating faces and organs and demanding birth certificates that makes me revel in my paltry efforts each day. You, too, are not Donald Trump or John Edwards. See how much you’ve done today that you can easily name? The rest of your day was productive but hard to enumerate. Those two not-being accomplishments? Directly onto the business card.

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