16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Lemme guess: Car seat cupholder findings? Add in an era-old cracker and some long-forgotten McDonald’s toy and we’ve got a match for you here outside Boston.

  2. butternut picked up treasures from the playground that the sparrows and starlings didn’t want. you can show the boys the fool’s gold – i used to spend hours picking it up with fossil ferns where i grew up.

  3. The unicorn is back!
    The unicorn is back!
    Hi, unicorn! I missed you so!
    Like a rainbow in the middle of a sunstorm, you never realize how magical is the unicorn until it sneaks up and surprises you.

  4. You’re the closest yet, unicorn. Two details missing, but you have the “found by Butter” part correct.

    Cyn and Chris have the pocket correct.

    Nobody has the correct pocket identified, nor why the whole collection is in my hand.

    Any guesses? (If you’re totally bored by this game or lost in chee-rific exhaltation at unicorn’s return, you can just wait until tomorrow for the full story. Otherwise, feel free to guess. It allows me glimpse more of your days to see what your reality suggests to your guessing lobe.)

  5. Treasure hunting on the sidewalk, where the extra-cool treasures are?

    And..um…HERKY for Unicorn sightings!

    ps: Nap, I combined my blogs so am only at the one now, in case you were looking.

    • CYN! You got it!
      Treasure hunting on the walk home from school, Butter kept adding to the collection in my pocket. But with each treasure he wanted to see all the previous items, to make sure I wasn’t taking, eating (!), or tossing his goodies. This was the final caucus from my pocket, and he wanted me to take a picture.

  6. AHAHAHA, yes, I am found. Been out to pasture for a bit, dontmindme. Big hugs. I stopped by to see if you ripped any good rants out lately. But hey, I like pocket shit as much as the next person who likes couch shit. The penny is heads-up.

    *waves to everyone*
    *sprinkles some chee around the joint*

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