Sucked in by the cute

Butterbean is trying his hardest to get sanctioned by the U.N. Security Council. Dude, he is pushing our every button and flagrantly violating every toddler rule of international conduct.

So why are Russia and China refusing to approve an official sanction? Their evidence, entered into the official Cuteness Registry of Adorable Guerrila Warfare:

He yells, “Mama, pee!” and runs to his little potty and sits. With his pants on. And as I come rushing over to help, he grins, gets up and says, “nah, no” and runs away.

His favorite game is Yes-No. I ask him if he’s ready to get out of the tub and he says, “Yeah.” So I stand to get him and he changes his mind. “Nah,” he smiles. So I sit. Then he says, “Yeah” and I start to stand and he says, “Nah.” He can do this, honestly, 30 times before he plays something else.

He waits for me to go to the bathroom, then climbs the drawer handles to the kitchen counter, unscrews the spice jars’ lids, and dumps each into the stock pot. Then waits…*waits*…with a spoon and asks if I want some soup. When I say yes (through clenched teeth) he puts on the lid and signs “wait.”

He stands in the door to the kitchen and counts on his fingers: “Two, two, two; GO!” and runs through the house. Then back to the starting line and “two, two…”

I think if I can just get Portugal and Columbia to vote with me on their way out, I might get the council to approve a Yogurt Embargo until he cleans up his act.

7 thoughts on “Sucked in by the cute

  1. I agree with Mad Woman, it’s cute when they’re toddlers, not so cute after three!

  2. Ladies, I couldn’t agree more. He does it to make us both laugh. When they hit the indecision or the willful nasty stages, it is super uncute. But that’s when all the permanent U.N. members are willing to vote with us, right? Nobody needs Azerbijan on board for censure of a 4yo.

  3. I had to leave my comment to this on my blog because it wouldn’t let me comment normally. But then I figured out that if I signed in, it would let me. So now I’m back.

    All of this to say how ADORABLE “two…two…two…go” IS.

    • His attempts at counting are quite possibly the cutest thing in my life right now, and there is a bounty of cuteness. He holds up two fingers, as well, and looks as though he might find three if either the number or the dexterity involved had *any* use to him. But they don’t.

      Two. It’s all we need.

      I have to get it on film. He’ll be elected President if that video resurfaces when he’s 52.

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