Did you know about this?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to plan more activities for the kids. Not because they need to be scheduled and not because they can’t find things to do. But because games and projects are awesome. For everyone.

So after using Unplugged Play to plan Peanut’s birthday party and The Toddler’s Busy Book to keep Butter from scaling the drawers onto the kitchen counter spice up Butter’s mornings, I tried to find more options.

Did you know about Funology? Go play there. Lots of nifty ideas. Games and projects and whatnot.

Did you know about StarChild, where you can learn about the Universe and all its awesome bits?

Did you know about Build Your Wild Self? You and your child get to take different animal parts and build a cartoon version of yourself.

Wild Peanut

Wild Butter

There stuff on those sites for goofballs of all ages, so have fun playing!

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      Glad this post helped. The Wild Self site is especially awesome.

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