Can’t be sure

Because taking a woman out of her element and letting her parent two amazing baby humans is akin to stringing her up by her ankles and asking her to live with bats, I’m not always sure what I’m doing. It’s hardly my fault. I’m a diurnal, visual biped forced to hang upside down and fly around echo-locating by night.

So I was surprised when our two-year-old decided his outfit for the week would be just socks. On his hands. And nothing else.

I shouldn’t have been shocked. His brother did the same thing for one whole month, four years ago. Also in the winter. It’s as though winter nudity with impromptu mittens/puppets is in the toddler manual.

Wait, is it?

The week of rain at the end of a rainless winter did not surprise me. Neither did the frenetic and borderline sociopathic cabin-fever behavior during the same time. What did shock me was how planned activities totally took care of everything. One part dance party, one part playdough party, one part playdate, one part role playing goodness. Who knew? (I did. I had just forgotten. We’ve had a dry winter and I haven’t had to do this for over a year.)

And I was taken aback when the six-year-old decided it was time to use his words, react calmly, and speak in a normal tone of voice.

For the first time in six years.

Who knew that there was a phase during which children were reasonable, interesting, and fun to be with?

Oh, yeah: Me. Because it happens at least once an hour.

8 thoughts on “Can’t be sure

    • Until they’re not, right? Seems as though just as I get a handle on the phase it’s a former phase…

      Welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. We should be friends. Bat Friends. I too, often feel like I am hanging upside down by my toes amongst a species that is not my own. Then, they suck me in, as you say, with their ridiculous adorableness and I swoop down and join the joyful madness as if the less fun insanity never existed. This “memory loss” is what they say causes very large families. But, I write this blog as a reminder!!! Send me to my own posts should I entertain the thought of number 3! :) (but, three does sound fun) hmmmmm. I must return to my lair.

    • Right there with you, Emily. Except I don’t need the blog to remember all the reasons why another would be a lot more “OMG, seriously?” in addition to the copious cuteness.

  2. Echolocating by night – yep, that pretty much describes it. The crazy times are crazy. I forget how planning helps. And when I plan, oh the fun we have. You are so right – there is joy throughout the day, EVERYDAY. I gotta remember that more often :) Here’s hoping your little one finds something more than hand socks to intrigue his fashion tastes :)

    • Brotherly Love, the hand socks on nude toddler have to be one my favorite things ever. Because it’s this scientific experiment of “what can I pick up and manipulate and make work but not quite feel with these on” that involves him putting on sunglasses and stirring empty pots and opening cheese sticks. Nude, with socks on his hands. There just is nothing cuter. Ever. Anywhere.

      Yes, joy scattered. On the really hard days, there is at least one minute every hour. Really.
      On great days, the minutes stretch out like a cat in the sun.

  3. Oh, how I love this post. I taught teenagers for a living and was scared to death to have a little person, who couldn’t use his words – in MY care. I thought God was nuts to leave me in charge of these tiny, little, scary children. But the things my children (at all stages) have taught me? Simply priceless.

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