In like a Liamb

I can only suppose that the cross between lion and lamb is Liamb. Or a Throchee, if it’s trying to be significantly jarring.

I love March. So very much.

It’s giddy-makingly warm here and everything is so adorably excited to be growing. Maple trees ruddy themselves with shocking overnight growth, flowering bulbs dance in the breeze, plum and cherry blossoms toss petals everywhere, and color creeps into every unexpected corner.

Both my boys were born this month. I take special care every day of March to watch them just be. Inhabiting their bodies in ways no adult remembers how to do. Experimenting with the world in ways that produce amazing reactions that teach them the same Earth-bound lessons that thousands and thousands of humans before them have learned. Gravity’s plops and mud’s splats and water’s wily ways.

But these scientists are mine to care for, nurture, prune gently and judiciously, March reminds me.

Spring is one of the few times I feel I might be able to do that. Maybe even well.

Have a favorite month? Have a time of year that offers as much to you as Spring Festival and Nowruz and birthdays and a preponderance of green and white and yellow and pink and purple and blue? Prefer summer’s garden delights or fall’s brisk days or winter’s stark beauty?

March is magical in my little world.

How do you mark the year, dear reader? What makes you pause and appreciate all you have?

9 thoughts on “In like a Liamb

  1. Boots and tights. I hear ya, Witchy. We get our summer in Sept and Oct so we don’t get Autumn til November. Love the air in Sept back east.

  2. I also have a certain fondness for March because it is my birth month. Beyond that I can’t say I have a favorite season. Each season has aspects I love. But I will say that, living in San Francisco where it’s basically one season all year, I miss the real dramatic change of seasons I’ve experienced elsewhere. It’s easy to get too complacent about life when there’s no reminder of the passage of time.

    • @Emily Mmmmm. May.
      @Matt agreed. I love our hot Octobers, I love foggy June, I adore that week in early Feb that tricks the bulbs into going for it. I love the lights of December. And now I love March more because I have another birthday to celebrate! Happy birthday month!

  3. Travel makes me appreciate what I have. I’m in Tucson right now, actually, and while I absolutely love being with my family and in a place that is warm, dry, and clean, it makes me realize how lucky we are to be able to live the way we live and raise our son (soon to be sons, plural) the way we are. Our lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone, and it definitely has drawbacks (I drool covetously over the dishwasher at my parents’ house), but it works for us.

  4. I love your musings here! Really lovely writing.

    My happy time is FALL! Ooh, the pink brisking of cheeks after the hot sloggy summer days makes me positively giddy.

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