Listen to Your Mother

Last weekend I stole away to San Francisco for a bit of heaven.

I started at the Ferry Building and picked up my favorite cheese (ask The Kitchen Witch how good it is) and a sourdough baguette from my favorite baker for breakfast and walked the length of the Embarcadero to an audition at Fort Mason.

Decommissioned military bases make me wildly nostalgic, as though I were part of a cozy military family in the brief post-war period of the 1920s. Every time I pass through a no-longer-guarded post gate I want to pause to adjust the seams in my no-longer-rationed stockings.

The day was magically sunny and cold, the tourists were sparse, and the audition went just okay. I’m questioning the piece I chose and my pacing, but I got a fabulous cup of coffee afterwards and walked back along the beach.

The good news, since I’m doubting I’ll get selected for the highly competitive show cast full of awesome Mamas, is that the San Francisco show in May will benefit 826 Valencia, my favorite resource for students and writers and my absolute favorite pirate supply store in the whole world. The latter is, I promise, one million times better in person. Their New York Super Hero Supply and Los Angeles Time Travel Mart are also riveting purveyors of awesomeness desperately needed in the superhero and time traveler communities, respectively. If you want to learn more about the genesis of the organization that serves school communities *and* pirates, check out this TED clip and marvel at what we can all do—every single one of us—to make writing something every child feels good about.

7 thoughts on “Listen to Your Mother

  1. Aaaw man. Had I known I would have gone into town just to see all of you fabulous women. Not to mention the how much I love walking along the Embarcadero…and all the deliciousness that can be found at the ferry building.


    Be sure to let us know when they do the live taping…I’ll be there!

    • Kitch, there must be honor in doing as many things poorly as we do. Huzzah to those who totally suck.

      Melissa, there are many benefits to being far from huge metropolitan areas. But there are few times a year I’d really miss them, and this was one of them. I’ll bet you can hit the LTYM website or youtube to find awesomeness for you, a teacup, and a laptop.

    • Thanks, Ink! I had a lovely, wandery morning, the buzz of which helped the dozens of chores later that afternoon.

      It’s hard to keep me from auditioning. Once Yuliya over at told me about it, I moved a few mountains to be there.

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