8 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. LOL. Angry, indeed. I love “ulawd.” I don’t think anyone is ulawd to spell it allowed any more. But nobody is ulawd to use double exclamation points at my babe, either.

  2. (Sorry for the extra “be” in the first sentence, though I kind of like how it sounds, now that I look at it again.)

    Another question: what kind of hat is used in the hatting process? ;)

  3. Ink, you do be ulawd to laugh. The babes, I’ve been told, do everything wrong and ruin everything and tend to hit and bite when provoked.

    I reminded him that his brother is no longer a babe, but is more of a tawdler. Deaf ears. Swine fodder. I’m not ulawd to be logical, I guess.

    The hat, I think, is less haberdashery and more power of white hot suns. But not sure. It’s the only phrase without an exclamation point, so clearly the hat is less important than the mythical babe ruining his treehouse.

  4. That treehouse illustration be a thing of beauty. And I am glad that I am not a babe and could potentially be ulawd to visit someday. As long as I am not hatted by then. Yo.

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