Scientific review of literature

It’s been a while since I did formal reviews of scientific literature, but I’m pretty sure this says that because I’m a spaz, I’m killing my children.

No, really. High strung parent trying her best guarantees asthmatic children. It says so in the abstract. That I skimmed. Briefly. Because I have to go do 1 billion things for small children who don’t know any better.

8 thoughts on “Scientific review of literature

  1. I got a couple of paragraphs in before I had to stop and go find *my* inhaler! ; ) (“Parentectomy”–INDEED!)

  2. Shephane, I empathize with your enlarged sense of parenting, and your inflammation of the maternal efforts. I’ve heard there is a major pharmaceutical company trying to shrink parentitis chemically, but alas, most of us are self medicating with wine, chocolate, and self loathing.
    Oh, is that just me?

  3. Stephane (er, “Shepane”), here. I prefer to self-medicate with *Margaritas* and chocolate–and I’d really rather take a pass on the self-loathing–but I suppose it’s mandatory. : P

    • Hey, Stephane, if you can get by without the self loathing, mazel tov. I’ve never been able to, but I hope all other humanoids attempt to make it through without such nonsense.

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