7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Geez. I was thinking “nap is out of words???!??!?! can’t be! I HAVE A FEW WORDS!!!” then I saw the FOOD PIC!!!!!!!!!111!111!!! Yum.

    *heads to fridge for browse*
    *locates pineapple cupcake*
    *drooling over bread pic averted by stuffing face with real cake*

    I worked out a nice little biscuit recipe this weekend. They were edible. A mix of rice, potato, and tiny bit of all-purpose flour + egg white + BP. Im quite pleezed wif maiself.

  2. Yay for Unicorn biscuits! And pineapple cupcake? Shut your face with that…sounds fabulous. This bread was *awesome*. My own sourdough starter created over a couple of weeks, an all whole wheat recipe, a whirlwind day of kids hanging off me as I kneaded dough…delightful. Made me feel all 1800s-y, but with voting and property rights and bread baking as choice not expectation. And whore-ganic that is probably still rife with creepy chemicals, thank you very much, that I didn’t grow or harvest or thresh or grind myself. So, not really 1800s-y at all.
    And? KILLED me to leave it wordless. That blog meme of Wordless Wednesdays is *hard*. Which is why most people cheat and title the photo with (you guessed it) words.

    • Maria, it was pretty darned tasty for my first try.
      Except that, honestly, my first try was a no-knead bread that was about 1″ thick and weighed 72 pounds. I resolved after that embarrassment to grow some starter, knead the hell out of the thing, and let it rise for 700 days. Almost.

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