Oooh, they learn early.

Me: Peanut! Time for dinner. Please go wash.
P: In a minute.
M: No, sweetie. It’s time to eat.
P: I’m not ready.
M: I am, the food is, the post-food bath is, and bedtime is. We’re all ready. So it’s time to eat.
P: But Mom, I’m reading a book!
M: [fights the parenting kryptonite…and loses] Okay, but come when you’ve finished that page, okay?
P: Maybe.

I really have only myself to blame for this one. I checked into the whole “how do you create readers” and “how do you interest your kids in books” and it turns out that damned habit I have of reading to him, and of staging Spouse with reading material whenever possible has taught the little whippersnapper that we value reading.

Curses! I mean, yay?
Yes. Yay.
Definitely yay.
Except he now wins every debate that ends “but I’m reading.”

Dagnabbit dadburnit daggumit! Outwitted by my own bookish spawn.

5 thoughts on “Oooh, they learn early.

  1. I totally remember being “grounded” in middle school by having all of my books bagged up and put in the attic for two weeks.

    Loved your comment over at the Bloggess by the way.

    • LadyV! Welcome! I knew I was born into the right family when my mom told me stories about getting in trouble for reading under the covers with a flashlight, and when I copied that great idea I never got in trouble.

  2. This is why having bright kids makes parenting harder. It IS all your fault. (Psst, I’m shaking my head in disgust.) I recommend a healthy diet of paste. Like I feed my kids.

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