It’s almost midnight and not much is well

Long day, fair readers. Long day. And I can briefly say that Peanut is handling kindergarten well, that he was reasonably eager the first few days of school.

Things are a bit stressful over here, between kindergarten and sibling asshattery and a mountain of freelance work (which I really wanted but which is piling up in my eagerness for work and inability to admit that two very active people demand almost all of my time).

So today I offer you this: someone else’s post. On keeping your cool. On seemingly insurmountable parenting anger and how to manage it. How to keep from sitting up at midnight worried that you’re making horrible, terrible, awful parenting choices. (Actually, that’s not in there. I really wish it were.)

Here. Enjoy. Identify your triggers, let the little stuff go, remember you’re teaching, and don’t take it personally. Thanks,

4 thoughts on “It’s almost midnight and not much is well

  1. Nothing solves fits of midnight panic like google searches for “Nobody has ever been a worse mom than I have, so should I just give up AP and and gentleness in favor of a red phone directly to CPS, oh wise”

  2. You’re welcome, Fae. I’m tired of the articles/books/experts who say you should “just” calm down or “just” empathize with small people who don’t have the same coping skills we do. I can’t “just” do anything. So I like techniques to keep me from getting so close to the edge that options diminish.
    I’m glad he’s doing well, too. My shoulders might retreat from their vacation spot near my ears soon.

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