Yay for fun on the Interwebs

Ah, the link post. You’ll forgive me when you see and read these…

Hilarity and awesomeness in this post rooted in mocking a cat lover. Please try to laugh quietly. Not sure you can, though.

An interesting game where you can try to balance the federal budget by honoring your priorities. See how much you can cut, or add, or raise, or lower debt, taxes, spending at this Marketplace Money citizenship game.

And, to round it out, a shocking and adorable and, have I mentioned, jaw-dropping video from a girl and her science project.

10 thoughts on “Yay for fun on the Interwebs

  1. Re: cat hilarity. I remember that from last year. EPIC LOL. It’s up there with Beyonce the chicken.

    Re: budget hero. Can I be sticker saver hero? I’d like to mark down rent (it’s too damn high!), give everyone 95% off health care costs, clearance on all hybrid cars (clear the damn lots!), FREE lifetime toothpaste and brushes, etc etc. Everything is on freakin SALE! Call me the no-inflation fairy. If this country is a business, then it shall be Dollar General. And I want my damn change back.

    Re: bud nipping. Yeah. I knew about that. Reason #5645678975 to have my own garden and Reason #97686468753 to shop in the organics section of the grocery and Reason #68778736589 why my damn grocery bill is so high and Reason #7453576864 why the “food pyramid” is a C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y and literally, load of crap. About 5 years ago, I read an article with the most contaminated foods. I printed the list of supposedly “healthy food” out and have kept it in my purse since then to remind myself not to touch them. One of the worst migraines I ever got was from a stalk of CELERY. One freakin stalk. ONE. I thought I was gonna have a stroke the pain was so bad. I will never forget that one. I was in pain for 4 days. Dialed up to 15. If you ever did the science experiment in school with sticking a stalk of celery in red-dyed water to watch how water moves up through the plant… yeah, CHEMICALS THAT DESTROY YOUR BRAIN DO THE SAME THING IN CELERY! The chems go in, and they stay in. And yet another reason (#67352548) why I hate prepared food and won’t eat it. I am officially the biggest pain in the ass about food. People tell me I eat rabbit food. No I wouldn’t touch that rabbit shit with a ten-foot pole! I pity the bunnies. There are horses within walking distance that I go visit and feed often. I take them organic carrots.

    tagged: Ma’am, try not to get so worked up, Fuck me, rants.

  2. Oh. MY. GOD! That cat link was hysterical. My kids (who I am currently ignoring because they are fighting) came up to read behind me and were also laughing. So you get two gold stars for breaking up a fight, long distance. You are a bad-ass.

  3. @jc, I love that you tagged your comment. And that we’re now subsidizing toothbrushes instead of corn.

    @kitch sorry for the timing, but lost cat isn’t funny without cat hating graphic designer.

    @maria. Awesome. I’ve never had such power in my life. Ever. Wish I had written it. Funny is better than organic sweet potatoes.

  4. Nevermind about the hybrid cars. I want this for country drives.

    “wanna take a ride in my love machine baby?” /Batman Forever

    Show Peanut.

  5. First one, hilarious. Second one, fun. Third one, how can something so scary be delievered by someone so cute. And that is the stuff I’ve come to know Nap for. I’m depressed. Again.

  6. @faemom But wait! The cat! The cat with the hat!

    @jc All I can think is that doooode needs himself a better use for his money. Copious, copious, copious money. Turbine powered organic produce harvester or some shit. It’s not my fault. Faemom depressed me. ;-)

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