Wanna hear something nice? Nice things are welcome, aren’t they, even on snarky, whiny blogs?

Well, a dear friend had open heart surgery today (his second in eight years) and he’s coming out of the anesthesia right now.

That, to me, is quite nice. When a strong, sweet, awesome teenager full of potential and spirit makes it through what seems both scary and routine (until it’s your kid and you’re waiting for more than six hours just outside those closed doors and then it’s not even a tiny bit routine) and you get a post-op report and hear that his lungs are happy and his heart is happy and his body is beaten but soon to be happy…that’s nice.

Hang in there, buddy. You’re doing really well.

8 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Dude, you’ve been cracked open TWICE. You are certainly a bona fide member of the nut family. Get better, best wishes, and a star sticker for your nose.

  2. Best wishes to your friend! That is happy, joyful news!

    Why does your comment have a pretty flower on the right side? I want a flower, too.

  3. @Ink because I’m a delicate, delicate flower. [snort] Or it’s a star and I’m a rockstar. [guffaw] Or it’s an asterisk because wordpress asterisks nutjobs. That last one feels about right.
    @Kitch isn’t some good news nice right about now?
    @Tara you’re right. I’ve always fought nice, but damnit, sometimes nice feels quite welcome.

  4. Sending light, health and speedy healing to your rock star friend! Root beer floats all around..

    P.S. Even us snarky bitches need to hear happy news from time to time. This certainly fits the bill!

  5. @Maria thanks for the good thoughts. As terrifying as a long, dangerous surgery is, recovery is exhausting. Poor guy is in “hey, they cracked me open and put me back together and I didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt” caliber pain doing little things like breathing and swallowing and *ow* sitting. He’s going to try to walk today. Breath held, tears still flowing…happy is good.

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