This week in Peanut

Things you did this week that made me want to cry (how’s that for a executive summary of four-and-a-half?):

You interrupted your play at school when a toddler’s ball rolled away from her. You stopped the ball and handed it back to her before resuming your own wild shenanigans.

You stood atop one play structure at school and intoned obscenities, grinning ghoulishly, at a group of girls playing below.

When asked if your baby brother could play with the wooden utensils from your play kitchen, you looked me right in the eye and said, “Always.”

The glitter paint all over the dining room and living room weren’t really your fault, since the cat walked through your painting, then sat down on another to lick his glittery, sticky paws, then rubbed himself all over the furniture trying to get the paint off his fur. Thank goodness, I guess, you like pink glitter paint the best, because it blends a bit better into the rug than the blue he could have sat in.

When you woke from your nap with a fever, and went wandering into the kitchen to find me, you carefully barricaded the open side of the bed with pillows so your baby brother wouldn’t fall out.

You pointed your bubble blower at me, repeatedly, even after I asked you to shoot at something else. When I took that away, you pointed a well tuned recorder. When I took that away, you pointed a cardboard tube. When I took that away, you used your finger. Don’t fool yourself, boy, I can take that, too.

14 thoughts on “This week in Peanut

  1. Now see, when you said this would be all stuff that made you cry, I braced myself for the worst. But much of this is puddle-wonderful, as cummings would say.

  2. And that’s how they are boys: causing havoc one moment, reducing their mother’s to tears (in a good way) the next….

    Buckle in tight, Nap. It looks like you are in for quite a ride!

  3. LOL I love that kid. And haven’t you ever heard, “Give a girl a stick, it’s a doll; give a boy a stick; it’s a sword/gun.” There are somethings ingrained in the Y chromosome. I fear weapons are one of them.

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