Seriously, Google?

On a whim, I searched “find the right academic journal for your article.” I didn’t expect much. It was the result of a frustrated, bored, midnight rage about my unfinished projects.

The answer to which journals one should submit to is, of course, trade secret. Academics don’t give away their target journals, and often give advice like “find journals with similar articles and submit to them” or “talk with journal editors attending conferences where you present and ask if your piece would be considered.”

Um, thanks. That’s helpful. I already know that the articles I cite in my own article were published in journals that might like articles on the same topic. And I know that conferences ca be a decent place to talk with publishers. But these can’t be the only two tricks. Surely just researching within my field in two dozen or so journals doesn’t give the whole picture, right?

Of course not. So I asked Google.

The first non-sponsored link was “find the right sandals for your outdoor needs.”
The second was “find the right rawhide chew for your dog.”

I give up.

The industry assumption has been that Google technology is so amazing it knows everything. In this case: that there was no point in seeking out academic journals, but also that since my legs are too big for shorts right now I should focus on my feet.

Also that either I should replace my dead cat with a dog or that I might, in some misogynistic circles of drunk frat house denizens, be unflatteringly compared with a dog.

Shame on you Google. I thought you knew better.

Because it’s too cold for sandals lately.

7 thoughts on “Seriously, Google?

  1. If you have access to the MLA bibliography, go on there and do a search for your topic. Then narrow down from there. You can find out all different kinds of info about the journals on there — frequency of publications, what they are looking for (length-wise and topic-wise), and the percentage of articles they publish out of the ones submitted.

    At least, you used to be able to find out this stuff. I haven’t looked on there in ages.

  2. Sometimes though I am amazed that the crazy keywords I put in actually bring back real results. There are a lot of people out there putting up crazy content that you don’t think anybody would ever ask for…

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