Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

While we’ve been away…
Five days in lands far from home
Two fifteen-hour travel days
Four airports, eight hours spend therein
Two tarmac hours, all in intense heat
Ninety-four degree average over the whole trip
Three packages of baked tofu and a pound of organic hummus, plus four lollipops, four brownies, one cookie, two ice creams, and seven cups of juice for Peanut
One ear infection and two new teeth for Butter
Two movie days in one week for Peanut
Twenty dearly loved relatives
One splendid B&B
Very little sleep for Mama
And absolutely no writing at naptime.

How about you?

13 thoughts on “Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

  1. And jeez, Peanut is a hungry hungry hippo.
    I could really use a lollipop right now. It would cancel out all the “fatal error” warnings I’ve seen today.
    head……… desk.

  2. Three states
    One shared apartment
    Two hotel rooms
    Little napping
    Late bedtimes
    Lots of tv
    Lots of family
    Lots of bribes
    2 kids loving some pool time
    A partridge in a pear tree.

    Don’t you love travelling with little kids?

    Welcome home.

  3. Missed you! Glad you had a good time!

    Btw, did you mean for the title to be read in the Jan Brady voice? (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!”) Cuz that’s how I read/heard it…

  4. I hear you…But all that sounds better than a classroom with busted pipes and a non-functioning air conditioner, when it’s 98 degrees in the shade (if you could find it).

  5. Two kids in school and one hanging on my knees, all day every day. (Why can’t they all start at the same time? Why?)

    Glad you’re back at the keyboard! Welcome home!

  6. Back in the classroom, dreading grading. Writing novel — over 140 thousand words now. Wondering if it will ever end. Thinking I’d better damn well end it by 150K, or it will never be published. You know, the usual.

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