Artisan pizza attacked, film at eleven

Handmade Gator Pizza Wheel Lies in Wait

Then Devours Local Five-Cheese Pizza

Authorities Say Cheese-Thirsty Gator Will Strike Again...

(I had to stage the last photo because the pizza wheel is so finely machined that nothing sticks to it.)

Here’s to having a knife-making artist in the family. Glad you’re putting your education to good use, dude.

9 thoughts on “Artisan pizza attacked, film at eleven

  1. That. Is. AWESOME. I have bought about a thousand slicers in my day, and only have one I approve of. I think I need an alligator one.

  2. ok. there’s gottabe something rong with me that i’m drooling over the blade, not the pizza.

  3. @letmestartbysaying I have never had a wheel I liked, but this thing is balanced, sized for my hand, sharp as hell, and has ‘tude. It’s my kind of cutlery.

    @kitch, the pizza I can whip up in no time. The gator took him months, since he had to invent half the techniques and find ceramic bearings that would make it dishwasher safe. So you’re out of luck on that.

    @tara I hope to convince him to start selling them, but they’d cost a FORTUNE because of the time it takes him to make just one.

    @jc you know darned well there’s nothing wrong with you. This blade is fierce. And gorgeous. And handmade by an awesome dude. Of course you’re drooling over it. What’s a mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, gorgonzola, jack pizza compared with long-serving forged steel?

  4. it’s dishwasher safe?!?!?!!!!1!11!!!!!! jeezus on a jetski!

    People will pay a fortune for that thing. I KNEW YOU BEFORE YOU BECAME A MILLIONAIRE. Remember us little people.

  5. That is super freaking cool. Dude needs to quit his day job and make alligator knives of all sorts.

  6. I like…Nothing sticks to it AND dishwasher safe AND it actually works…I’d say you are sitting on a pile of money, babe…

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