Ah, that’s how it’s gonna be…

Peanut got better, I got sick.
I got better, Butter got sick.
And now that sweet little pat of dairy-based lipid spread is teething, weathering a sore thigh from a painful vaccination, enduring an impressive ear infection, and tolerating then puking two nasty-flavored sugary pink medicines.

Boo. Hiss. Tears.

Hard not to dislike dirty, germy little preschoolers when your four-month-old is in pain.

It was pretty easy to keep a first, home-based, breastfed baby healthy for a whole year. It’s pretty hard to keep a second baby healthy no matter what you do.

Again I say: boo.

12 thoughts on “Ah, that’s how it’s gonna be…

  1. Boo to the fifth power! Mommy needs a watermelon margarita. Now move next door to me so I can deliver it.

    Butter is such a little vanguard, teething so early! Miss D. turned positively feral, so you have my sympathy.

  2. Boo! Everything always seems to happen all at the same time, no? My 2nd also gets sick a lot more than my 1st ever did, thanks to all those snotty preschoolers my 1st hangs out with.

    We are just coming out of our first full-on family barforama, perfectly timed to coincide with a two-day road trip. Yuck.

    I hope Butter feels better soon, and teethes quickly!

  3. Boo. And then they start preschool and the vicious cycle continues, though this time with lice and ringworm and “behavior issues”.

    I mean, sorry everyone’s under the weather. Get outside and sniff the fresh air.

  4. Oh no – now puking? Yuk. And to be struggling with all three? Triple yuk! Here’s hoping the good health fairy visits soon!

  5. Not real puking, Jane. Just barfing the medicine. I really wish the pedi had said, we prefer to wait and see on ear infections, since most are viral, and since a fourth-month-old isn’t ready to eat yet and his gag reflex will send most medicine back. With the milk you worked so hard to get into him. Kind of pissed we’re on a 10-day amox regimen when there were alternatives. I’m big on alternatives. And I’m a default to “experts” when a tiny baby is in pain. Damnit.

  6. Well, we here in my fiefdom have become ultra germ-conscience since baby was hospitalized and nearly died at 5 weeks old. So we use an awful lot of hand sanitizer. Oddly enough, both baby and eldest have been almost 100% healthy since February. Not sure how you feel about hand sanitizing, but that and daily baths for both kids (and parents) are keeping us healthy. (For now, anyway. Since I’ve bragged about it, I’m sure someone is going to come down with something…)

    So sorry to hear that Butter is sick and teething. I am shocked to no end at the differences between my kids. When eldest was teething, it was a nightmare for months. But baby takes it in stride. He’s a cool cat. I dig it.

  7. Thanks, Organic.
    Fie, this graph: “I am shocked to no end at the differences between my kids. When eldest was teething, it was a nightmare for months. But baby takes it in stride. He’s a cool cat. I dig it.” is exactly our experience so far. Peanut teethed HARD for two weeks every month for 14 months. Woke as often as 12 times an hour SCREAMING in pain. Butter seems mildly annoyed and likes that I seem to care about easing his discomfort.
    Cool cat, indeed. Digging it big time.

  8. I am so glad that we are both getting a break with the second kid. My god, do we deserve it!!

  9. So, so sorry to hear that Butter is so afflicted…Even sorrier that Mommy is strapped in tight on the same roller coaster. Too bad we can’t antibacterically pressure wash preschoolers, eh?

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