Now THIS I could get used to…

Peanut was sick today. Poor lamb. Went to school but had them call me an hour in because he wanted his Mommy. Brought him home and he spent all day on the couch, quietly, after telling me “no t.v. because I just need to settle down.”

So he ate quietly at dinner, crawled into his jammies while Butter had a bath, and waited politely for stories. Butter fell asleep during storytime, Peanut didn’t battle us over anything. After bathroom and teeth and songs, he went sweetly to bed. Butter woke up to nurse one last time before…well, before the next time…and I asked Peanut if I could nurse the baby on his bed.


So I sang to both boys as I nursed the tiny one. I told the older boy stories about when he was a baby. I changed Butter, put him to bed, and closed the door on two adorable, sweet, quiet, sleepy, well loved children.

Internet: if this was our night every night, I would have dozens of children. I’m not saying I want easy kids, because easy kids scare me. Spunky children plus supportive family equals interesting grownups.

But seriously, I could take one of these nights every week without being worried. As it is, this is a semiannual event. At best.

10 thoughts on “Now THIS I could get used to…

  1. Poor Peanut. I hope he is better in the morning. And there is nothing better than a battle free tucking in of two babes at once. (Not withstanding illness of course.)

  2. Aww, Nap! I understand. This theory is only good when there is ONE sick child at a time, however, especially if you have children who are prone to projectile vomiting, incessant diarrhea. So this leads to the inevitable visit to the doctor to control the unstoppable and dehydrating, non-stop vomiting. Ever clear out the sick waiting room at the pediatrician’s office? Have three vomiting kids there…it is quite the sight!

    Yeah, I have kids that like to go over the top. However, when the shot kicks in; coma and rest for the weary mother…

  3. I do hope he feels better fast…but I totally am on board with the 2-calm-kids-at-once request. Once a week would be nice.

  4. I truly hate when my boys are sick but I so love the snuggling and quiet that sometimes comes with it. I know exactly how you feel.

  5. I actually sighed with contentment for you when I got to the end of this post. It’s the kind of evening that sounds wonderful (you know, since we know he’s not too sick).

    It also sounds like the kind of evening that could prompt an accidental third child. Be aware, Naptime. Be VERY aware. :)

  6. My eldest is the sweetest thing when he’s sick. I hate that that is the only time these days when I feel like he’s — I don’t know — in control(?). He’s just so bouncy and hyper that I barely can manage to deal. I feel like I’m stuck in Winnie the Pooh — I’m Rabbit, complaining about Tigger’s bouncing, and then when it’s taken away, I realize I like the old bouncy Tigger best. Grr. Okay, fine. Be healthy, kid. ;) But it’s nice when eldest is snuggly!

  7. Oh! I love nights like these but, of course, I don’t like that it means Peanut is sick. When this kind of night happens in my house? I know something is very, very wrong and sure enough, I get my 3am wake up call. (Hope he’s feeling better by now!)

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