I did not know that.

Everyone says babies are different, and I willingly grant that. But I did not know that some babies wake up and play, rather than scream every morning and naptime.

I also did not know some babies actually want to be put down. Peanut never did. He was three before his feet touched the floor. Butter gets to the point where my constant moving and constant talking are too much. He actually wants to be ignored for a few minutes.

I did not know that my love for adult board games would be countered by a raging intolerance for children’s games. But that card games stand the test of four year old play: incessant requests for a game of cards have not gotten old yet. And I have yet to say no to Go Fish. That game rocks.

I also did not know that “Go Fish” can be used outside of the game context. To wit:

Me: Peanut, do you want a sandwich for lunch?
P: Go fish.
M: Tortellini?
P: Go fish

10 thoughts on “I did not know that.

  1. That wanting to be put down continues when they get bigger, too. My second daughter actually excuses herself to her room for “a break” (her words, not mine) when she’s had enough and is getting upset.

    It’s so lovely. You’ll enjoy it.

  2. @jc and Steel, I’m using it, too. Usually with customer service reps for companies I don’t want to be speaking with, anyway.
    @ck That sounds just delightful. Sign me up…oh, wait, you already did.

  3. @Ink, “Can I do extra credit?” Go Fish. “May I turn it in late?” Go Fish. “Can I pick a different topic?” Go Fish. “May I do a makeup exam?” Go Fish. “Can we do a group project instead?” Go Fish.

  4. Oh my god! I am totally stealing “go fish” for everything from now on. Especially, uh… hubby requests. Ha!

    And yeah, our baby is all smiles and giggles in the play pen while eldest would scream bloody murder when I put him in there so I could, gasp!, use the bathroom twice a day. Geez. Second kid? Totally worth it. I feel like writing a song about it. The chorus would be a repeat of “Second kid, totally worth it,” over and over.

  5. It’s amazong how the little things are the ones that make it all worthwhile. And for those that aren’t, there’s “Go Fish!”

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