Deep Peanutty Thoughts

Tonight before bedtime stories:

P: Who’s going to die first, me or baby?

M:  Don’t know, P.  We don’t know when anybody is going to die.

P:  I hope we die at the same time.

M:  Why?

P:  Because I really like Butter Babe.

M:  So you don’t want be alive after Butter dies and you don’t want him to die first and leave you without him?

P:  Yeah. And I just don’t want to know he dies.

M: Wow, Peanut. That’s a really important idea you thought about.

Holy F—ing Long Maternal Cry Later (After He Wasn’t Looking), Batman! So sweet that you love your baby brother.  So not going to be that completely pure ever again. And thanks (not) for the reminder of our collective mortality, dude!

15 thoughts on “Deep Peanutty Thoughts

  1. Wow. What an wise old soul your Peanut is.

    Incidentally, what bedtime story did you choose to follow that discussion? Seems like a bit of a jump from that to, say, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.”

  2. Good point, Falling…P always chooses the stories. I haven’t been allowed to choose stories, songs, or snacks for years now. Where the Wild Things Are and Green Eggs and Ham, which quite unusual for him. He’s usually more eclectic. Guess the whole death reminder brought him back to basics. ;-)

  3. :-)

    My youngest believes that we will die according to age order. He said, “Mommy, you will die first because you are the oldest. But not too soon.” LOL

  4. You must know what a gift it is for Peanut to feel so attached to Butter. How wonderful that he can express himself so eloquently and thoughtfully!

    Thank you for sharing this precious moment with us!

  5. Peanut is wise beyond his years. But I fear you may overhear the “buried in the ground” conversation between your two a little sooner than I did (just days ago).
    Now THAT was heartbreaking.

  6. Peanut and my daughter are so similar. I can only imagine the mess they’d make us if they ever got together and had deep conversations while we weren’t listening.

    It’s wonderful that he shares all of this with you. He’s lucky to have you as his ally.

    • Macondo and Fie wow indeed.
      susWOW I appreciate the sleep wishes. Thank the ancients for polytheism, right?
      TKW it always catches me off guard, but there it is, entirely him.
      Maria, I do, I do. Thanks!
      Jen is this the “I wish you were” discussion or the “what happens after” discussion?
      Undine, would that there were toddler philosophy classes cuz I’d love to in his salon.
      ck, i’ve thought that before. But they’d be naked and covered in stickers, not philosophizing, right?

  7. So sweet! Peanut is such a love…

    Papaya is insistent that we are all going to come back together (probably as a family of sea turtles), which I think is how she is dealing with the terrifying concept of losing each other. This whole mortality-discussion thing is not for ninnies, eh?

  8. You know that is funny. Because it sounds just like a conversation I’ve had multiple times with Nino. He is convinced that we all need to die at the same time too. But then he lists in order of age who is going to die first and last throughout our family (this is the way it makes sense to him, apparently), with much sadness. It totally breaks my heart.

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