Deep Peanutty Thoughts

Tonight before bedtime stories:

P: Who’s going to die first, me or baby?

M:  Don’t know, P.  We don’t know when anybody is going to die.

P:  I hope we die at the same time.

M:  Why?

P:  Because I really like Butter Babe.

M:  So you don’t want be alive after Butter dies and you don’t want him to die first and leave you without him?

P:  Yeah. And I just don’t want to know he dies.

M: Wow, Peanut. That’s a really important idea you thought about.

Holy F—ing Long Maternal Cry Later (After He Wasn’t Looking), Batman! So sweet that you love your baby brother.  So not going to be that completely pure ever again. And thanks (not) for the reminder of our collective mortality, dude!