the little things

things I deeply appreciate this week:

babies who laugh in their sleep
babies who sometimes *do* sleep
people who cook me food
people who wash my dishes
people who do my laundry
peri bottles
central heating
indoor plumbing
rocking chairs
helpful four-year-olds
fresh sheets
understanding clients
thoughtful friends
intense four-year-olds who are trying their best
rechargeable toy batteries
Moses baskets

things I could really do without right now:
grouchy people
people who snap at me
nighttime flop sweats
The Part About The Crimes
advice to let a two-week old cry instead of “over” nursing
intense four-year olds who need to test limits
leaf blowers

12 thoughts on “the little things

  1. Great list! Happy to know that the cloud still has a silver lining, which is hard to see when you are sleep deprived AND post-partum!

  2. Really…cry instead of over nursing??? What are they afraid you are going to spoil him??? I loathe alot of “advice”.
    I bet you he is a cutie. And I love love love co-sleeping. In fact if it were not for hubs wanting our babies in bed with us to snuggle when they were wee I would not have been a co sleeper. I would have been a strung out, sleep deprived, grouchy mom who slept in one hour intervals while fighting (figuratively speaking) with a wee baby to sleep in his bassinet.

  3. Maria, I’m kind of proud I’m so silver lining-ish lately. But damned if new baby smell, homecooked meals, and a shower ever now and again don’t make me all Mary Sunshine-y.
    Jen, he is in a co-sleeper bassinet…I actually can’t tolerate other people in my bed and it’s a lifelong struggle not to ask Spouse if we can pull a Ward and June and get separate beds.

  4. This post made me smile. :-)

    Leaf blower makes me LOL. (sorry. You’d prolly be POed if it wakes up baby after you finally get him to bed…)

  5. brandy, my first one laughed like a dirty old man in his sleep. I can’t wait to hear from his wife or husband some day that he still does that.

    subWOW I don’t worry about anything waking a baby, cuz once they’re down, they’re down. For the whole 30 minutes they’re going to be down, right? I freaking hate leaf blowers and think they represent everything that’s wrong with society. Sweep and compost, you asshats.

    Ink, I know, right?

  6. Wow. Not even the most hard-assed “cry it out” partisans would suggest letting a newborn cry. (Please tell me that this did not come from a medical provider.)

    I am in awe that you’re still going with 2666 at all.

    And I would totally cook you something if I lived on the appropriate coast.

    • Dan, you’re a good man. One nurse in the hospital said it was good for his lungs to cry, and one pediatrician said that three minutes of “fussing” to train him to sleep in his bed is okay. Um, newborns have four gears: eating, sleeping, rooting, and crying. None of those is fussing.

      I wish you didn’t dislike 2666 so much, and I wish that I didn’t tolerate it so begrugingly. I hope this week’s posts from both of us show a delightful departure into being grateful that we joined this group read, but I doubt it; it feels like Archimboldi takes a while to get going.

  7. It’s… let’s call it “early” for sleep training, of even the very most preliminary kind.

    And no. No, sadly, I am not particularly grateful in this week’s post. While I am certainly enjoying the Part About Archimboldi more than the Crimes, that’s an incredibly faint shade of praise. Rather, I spend a bit of time expressing some discontent about implausibly homosexual sea creatures and how Bolaño chose to describe them.

    • Completely agree on the sleep training, as suggested by our refusal, ever, to sleep train our really intense, sleep talking, sleep screaming and not until 3 1/2 full-night-sleeping older dude. Seems to me anything before 3 months is totally chalked up to showing that you’re always there, and anything 4 months-12 months is more of the same, with a sense of ritual. I don’t think creatures who can’t speak and who can’t get up to get themselves a glass of water should be left to cry, but that’s only for my two. Come to think of it, our older one was sleeping 8-10 hours at 3 months, then started teething HARD CORE.

      Less hardcore than the heteronormative paranoia in 2666, but still pretty damned hardcore.

  8. Agree! We never bought into the whole Ferberizing or let ’em cry it out philosophies. And they did absolutely fine…

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