All I know today

1. Nobody likes the commentary on the Olympics. Stop talking.

2. Thank you for the suggestions, Peanut, but we willl not be naming the baby Izzabilly, Fazanu, Finasnoyo, Lindsu, Inaspinoyo, or Nabasu.

3. Microsoft is on my s–t list again. Hardcore. ‘Nother massive crash, ‘nother data wipe (albeit with a good backup this time). I will be upgrading everything soon, but they’ll rue the day. Some day a long time from now when I have the energy to fight the power. RUE, I tell you. Monolithic cretins.

4. I officially spend too much time talking with my child. To wit…

Me: We’re about to get off the freeway.
Peanut: You mean “exit,” Mommy.
What does exit mean?
M: It means to leave, “you leave” in another language called Latin.
P: No, it’s English. The Latin for leave is “leaf.”

M: How was your day, P?
P: Great.
M: Good.
P: No, not good. Great. Like “fabulous.”
M: Fabulous?
P: Yeah. Like “tremendous” and “amazing” all together.

5. Today? Three words: Patty Griffin. Florida.
“The night wants to kiss you deep
And be on his way
Pretend he don’t know you the very next day
Isn’t it hard sometimes
Isn’t it lonely?
How I still hang around here
And there’s nothing to hold me”

(can’t vouch for the video, but have a listen…)

8 thoughts on “All I know today

  1. When my sister was having her last baby her daughter wanted it (it?) named Thumbalina… least yours are more original….Or great…Fabulous…Fantastic!

  2. Jen, we put an end to the famous names pretty early by saying we didn’t want to confuse the baby with, say, Hugo and the Spacedog. so he’s inventing stuff. Fabulous, indeed. ;-)
    jc and Ink, the only reason I remember the Latin is David Foster Wallace, who in something he wrote mused that, in my memory, someone who speaks Latin would be fixated on the Exit sign thinking “he leaves.” I do miss my Latin, though, and it makes me feel a bit more erudite to bandy about such relatively useless info when we have the long drives and ten thousand “Why?”s. Nothing like indoctrinating him with the kind that will get Peanut’s ass kicked in middle school.

  3. Peanut is so smart! And funny. The kid’s a hoot.
    So what plans are you slowly working on to make Microsoft RUE the day they messed with you?

  4. Fae, I’m plotting absolutely nothing because I haven’t any idea how to really mess with The Man. But some day, when I come up with a plan, then they will rue. And if not, well, maybe the anticipation will scare them?
    Kitch, flattery will get you everywhere.

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