Dear WordPress

Look here, wordpress. I know you’re not going to write posts for me, though I’ve asked you to. I know you don’t have time to check my spelling, grammar, and punctuation, though I’d really appreciate it if your would.

But would you mind not randomly password protecting my lame-ass posts? There is nothing I put on this silly little blog that others can’t read. I mean, I appreciate you looking out for my personal safety or intellectual integrity and all but…wait. Were you trying to protect me from embarrassment? Nah. You’ve let me post some really lame things before.

So quit with the password protection. It’s lame.

3 thoughts on “Dear WordPress

  1. Okay, is that what was up? I was so pissed off and frustrated! I kept typing in possible passwords and fuming when none of them went through…I wanted to hear about how you KILLED your lecture and what you did while you were there, and what you ate, and fuckit, I sound like that small dog on Bugs Bunny, don’t I? Hey Spike!Whatchadoin’ Spike? What’sgoin’onSpike, Hey Spike! Wannapissonahydrant Spike?

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