Phone calls home

I don’t think there is anything in this life I love more than talking to my son on the phone. (I realize that sounds cold, since it means I prefer distance to being in the room with those little eyes and lovely curls. But bear with me.)

His voice is positively adorable. I spend so much time with him that he feels quite old. But the phone does not lie—that voice belongs to a tiny person.

And I love his priorities. Ever single phone call begins this way before I even say hello.

P: I love you, Mommy!

Without fail he starts conversations with I Love You. There’s really no beating that. Plus, he always tells me two interesting things about his day and then says, “Bye Mommy, I love you. Good bye. Have fun. I love you. Good Bye.” And then he turns off the phone and moves on with his life.

*sigh*. I kind of didn’t want to come home.

4 thoughts on “Phone calls home

  1. You could always get him his own phone and spend the day calling him from the other room. But I guess that might take some of the magic out of it somehow.

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