A warbly note

Look, blog, all I’m saying is that you’re pressure I don’t need.

I simply can’t be marginally interesting even half the time, let alone daily.

I’m busy with filling out papers and running all over town for physican’s reports and getting freaking painful PPD injections so I can hang at the preschool with my kid until he gets used to things; I have to polish a 25 page article then cut it to a 15-minute talk (good luck with that one, Captain Garrulous); I have to take a 32-page schlock-fest and make into a 40-page example of my best erudition and then into an awesome 25-page article; I have to plan holiday crapola and travel whosiewhatsis; and I have to figure out how to replace at least half of Peanut’s Halloween stash, because today it was simply magnetic, and the kid will notice. He pours out the whole stash on my bed every morning at dawn, with “mommy, you don’t have to get up, but can you help me pick my candy for today” because I stupidly put a two-piece a day limit and now he’s having this crappy candy for breakfast every day and will be until January. At least. Unless he notices the dearth of nougaty and caramely pieces (kind of sounds like an order of nuns) and calls me out, in which case there’s gonna be a serious meeting about how I’m the Mommy and if I’m gonna blog, I need to mainline sugar, else have nothing to say.

Or at least nothing to say so quickly. Or without proofreading.

5 thoughts on “A warbly note

  1. Nap, you are *always* interesting. Every single post. You could write something about lint on your couch and I’d be engaged.

    Good luck with all the many projects you’re juggling!

  2. You could mainline the kid’s candy. That’ll cut down on the 2 per day eternity. Melt the gooeys, grind the nougats, hell, the Jack LaLanne juicer can take the candy AND wrappers.

  3. LMAO at the Jack LaLane juicer!!!

    Nap, don’t forget to add onto that list: Meet the crackwhore that is KitchWitch before heading out for the holidays! I have it on my calendar! You cannot escape me…

    Captain Garrulous? Is that a superhero?

  4. Evan received a handful of 3 Musketeers bars, and yet for some reason he never got to taste any. My mom’s rule on candy: One week and it’s community property. And don’t worry. You’ll get things taken care of; just please don’t mention the holidays again.

  5. jc, The juicer idea is fabulous. Solves that knotty problem of how to get more fiber. Wrappers.

    Inky, I need way more than luck, but I’ll take all the sweetness you offer.
    TKW Never fear…you are part of the travel whosiewhatsis
    Fae, I’ll try that rule next year. But I think it only works if you give them free access. Since I limited and he’s following the rules, I’m not gonna take. While he’s watching.
    What can I tell you: Hannukah is early this year. Thankfully, my child doesn’t own a calendar, so it will begin precisely 9 days before Christmas.

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