Praise be cheeses

Oh, readers, the heavens are on my side today.

Peanut is being adorable.
Snickers, the baby, is being silly.
Long walk resulted in a happy child. Continuation of long walk resulted in errands being completed. Further continuation of long walk resulted in an hour of self-entertained playground operations and a coffee milkshake for me. Continuation of long walk resulted in observation of road work AND a tractor climb for Peanut. Yay water district workers.

Exceedingly long walk rendered me unable to rant at the lazy postal worker or the crappy drivers. And made me even more obsequious in my friendly waves to drivers who stop for us at crosswalks. You people rock.

Peanut has decided he loves spinach. Three meals a day he has raw spinach, with varying dipping sauces. I don’t recognize this kid, but he’ll be strong to the finich.

And Houston, we have preschool.

Paperwork underway, we may begin as early as next week.

Universe, shut the heck up! You’re more awesome than the quantum physicists had me believe!

9 thoughts on “Praise be cheeses

  1. Yay! Oh yay! Yay! Doing herkies. You deserve many days like this.

    Are you excited about the preschool? (Maybe excited and a tad anxious? I remember the first toe into the school pool was sort of unnerving. But it has been great.)

  2. Fae, we do anything he asks for in dipping veggies. Vinaigrette, mustard, hoisin, olive tapenade, teriyaki, aged balsamic vinegar (his favorite), curry, plain yogurt, lentil soup. If it’s runny and can go in a bowl, we try it. Tonight was sweet and sour sauce.

    Ink I’m beyond excited. It’s a co-op and I love the other parents and the teachers. I’ll work there one day a week, and I can stay with him all day for as many days as he wants. So there’s no drop off necessary until he’s ready. That takes all the fear away for me. He says seven school days and then he’ll be fine. I don’t believe him for a minute.

  3. Howl a louie!

    A kid that eats 10 zillion kinds of dip with spinach should get his own food critic show. stat.

  4. Preschool (pree-skool): 1. Mommy’s morning cocktail in the form of solace. 2. Two hours of bliss. 3. First moment of sanity in years.


    ps: my kids like spinach, too! I am a big believer in giving kids all types of foods – many, many times, even if they throw it on the floor or tell you it’s disgusting – because they will inevitably shock you and say, “Hey, this is good!” one day.

  5. jc you mean the kid who requests pumpernickel and tells me if a muffin doesn’t have enough cinnamon? Yup, I’d watch that show.
    TKW if it helps the dream, it was decaf, fair trade, organic, and soy. But still. It was cold and sugary.
    Reluctant…three hours! Two days a week. The third I am one of the parents working there. But it’s a playbased preschool so there’s no teaching or projects, and my activity will be whatever I choose to do. Mostly teaching the old “ask for help instead of screaming” and “use words instead of hitting.” Easy.
    And that’s how the spinach worked. I put a veggie on that boy’s place two meals a day every day and it’s never worked before. Never. He tastes everything and tells me he doesn’t like it. But for some reason it worked this time.

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