Good choices and bad choices

Staying up past 1am because after midnight my tum feels better: bad choice
Getting out of bed this morning: bad choice
Forcing Peanut out of house for a.m. walk: good choice
Trying to run: bad choice
Puking only in street instead of on neighbors’ lawns: good choice
Making Wednesday movie day: good choice
Forcing Peanut out of house again to go to Lake: good choice
Wearing loafers and striped metallic thigh high socks because it was cold: bad choice
Ignoring warning signs that cat and child were about to rumble during naptime: bad choice
Comforting bitten child rather than cat who gave fair warning and was really patient, considering: good choice
Teaching Peanut that cats have special words for “stop it” that include threatening to bite: good choice
Pizza for dinner: seemed like good choice. Smelled and tasted like good choice. Reevaluation later: bad choice
Peanut’s first haircut in 2 years: good choice
Bribing him with really expensive organic fruit pop in tub to enable haircut: good choice
Lopping off only about half and inch of his shoulder-length curls: good choice. More off the top and the weird Einstein bits that grew twice as long as everything else: also good choice.
Catching up on my bloggety reading instead of paying attention to the “I’m hot and cold” calls coming from Peanut’s freshly shorn head: good choice.

Overall, pretty good day.

4 thoughts on “Good choices and bad choices

  1. That sounds like a pretty good day.

    And now I’m trying to remember when I last went to bed before 1am. Not in the recent past… but it’s certainly happened before…

  2. “Wearing loafers and striped metallic thigh high socks because it was cold”… i can’t imagine how wearing striped metallic anything could possibly be a bad choice.

  3. Yeah…today is movie day at our house. Because doing anything in public with my children would be a bad idea. If only I stayed in bed…

  4. I’m going to start tempting you to the dark side. It was during pregnancy that I turned to DVD time every day in order to keep the house mouse and roach free. Or should I tempt you with every day being a pudding day?
    Good call on ignoring those hot and cold calls. Stay strong!

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