IJ quote of the day 35

For nostalgia’s sake:
“Gately has decided to buy the newcomers’ omelette stuff at Bread & Circus in Inman Square, Cambridge. It will explain delay, and will be a subtle nonverbal slap at unique dietary requests in general. Bread & Circus is a socially hyperresponsible overpriced grocery full of Cambridge Green Party granola-crunchers, and everything’s like microbiotic and fertilized only with organic genuine llama-shit, etc” (478).

Two things: first, the Fresh Pond Bread & Circus was closer, Pat M. just so you can note in it the log of staffers sans license driving needlessly to Inman (except that he drives past Antitoi Entertainent (sic) in the process, which is the whole plot-driven reason for him to drive way the hell out past the Storrow 500.) First plot point that felt forced, but first time we’ve really had intersection of otherwise unrelated characters.
Second, this quote reminds me of Amy Poehler in Baby Mama saying of the underprocessed organic groceries, “That shit’s just for rich people who hate themselves.”

5 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 35

  1. [laughing] Nice, Nap! That movie has some really funny moments (and I LOVE Steve Martin’s crunchy boss depiction).

  2. The focus does shift from Gately to Antitoi when gets to Inman Square, but that can hardly be said to be the point of his driving there. Personally I think the whole point of the driving scene was the description of him driving up Comm Ave and racing the Green Line. Which is significant to me because I happened to be riding in a Green Line train traveling down Comm Ave as I read that section. I would have looked for his car out the window, but I was headed the wrong direction.

    • Good point, Matthew. The Storrow 500 (love that moniker; we used to call it the Storrow Death Maze, but potato potahto) and racing the Green Line and mocking the students’ sense of immortality are all good reasons for that drive.

  3. Oh, Kitch, rent it. It has some pretty damned funny moments. Definitely enough to carry a whatever plot.
    Ink, what about Weaver? Every line where Poehler and Fey question her age made me laugh out loud.

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