Bullet points

All I can manage today is a list.
Agents responding to the most recent round of submission: three
Days since most recent round: one
Agents requesting a full: one
Agents requesting a partial: two
Agents saying “no thanks” last month: ten
This month: none

Average number of times PER DAY I’ve lost the contents of my stomach, last week: six
This week: three
Yay! Improvement! At this rate, I will actually process recently overwhelming and nauseating news and maybe think good thoughts by about Halloween…maybe.

And on that note:
Hours needed to finish rewrite and actually polish this book: 20+
Hours I can offer each day: 0.0000000002
Eleven orders of magnitude between what I need and what I have. Maybe this, too, will be done by Halloween. Just hope nobody requests a full…Oh crap. They just did.

6 thoughts on “Bullet points

  1. Sounds like there is much buzz and mojo surrounding your manuscript…and I’m crossing all fingers and toes that soon you will be hearing good news!!

    Also good to know that the rate of hurl has improved as well! (Note to froggie: be nice.)

  2. YAY! A full manuscript request. That’s incredible. (Maybe lil’ vomitron is proving to be a lucky charm?)

  3. Awesome news on the manuscript front–maybe the wee croaker will give you a break soon and let you out of the bathroom. Crossing fingers and toes for you!

    Your “Hours I can offer each day:0.000000002” made me laugh–it reminded me of that scene in “Animal House” where the dean is going over the GPA’s of the Delta house members (all dismal)…he gets to Belushi, looks at his notes and says, “Blutowski….Zero point…Zero.”

  4. I’m so excited for you and the book.
    I remember clearly those days of vomiting. Unfortunately I would loose part of my control on my bladder as my stomach tried to heave out every last drop of nothing. I feared going out in the world. So here’s hoping it’s over soon.
    Oh, have you become desperate enough to try some of that morning sickness candy?

  5. I came over to thank you for the comment you left on my blog… I wrote it feeling like an idiot. And you made me see the glass is half full side of things. And I REALLY appreciate that!

    On a totally different note:
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your manuscript sounds as though it’s on the road to publication and that is no small feat… This is me popping the cork on some preliminary champagne : )

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