IJ quote of the day 15

Holy Mary, mother of my cousins: the grandaddy speech to young JOI is aboslutely excruciating. In a Chris Ware, father to son,”here are the defining moments of my life’s failures and why my father was ten times the asshole I am now” kind of way. Guacamole.

So today I leave you with the same thing grandpappy left us:

“A rude whip-lashing shove square in the back and my promising body with all its webs of nerves pulsing and firing was in full airborne flight and came down on my knees this flask is empty right down on my knees with all my weight and inertia on that scabrous hot sandpaper surface forced into what was an exact parody of an imitation conteplative prayer, sliding forward” (168).

No wonder himself was afraid of black widows. And palm frond pus.

You simply must read Infinite Jest.