Like a cool drink of water

Aaaah. Today was nice. Niyiyice. Compliant, happy, silly, observant child. Good weather. Great conversation with a genius writer with credentials out the wazoo who gave much more concrete, actionable, and loving feedback than the agent who, nevertheless, went to the trouble, if you know what I mean.

Sleep: not enough. Food: too much. Reading: not enough. Writing: way too little. Meltdown tally: two averted. Full meals cooked: two completed and edible. (Granted, one was semi-cheating, a homemade basil-heavy marinara and store-bought ravioli. But the other was all from scratch bok choy, portabello, tofu, and whole wheat soba stirfry with a homemade soy-vinegar-plum-perppercorn kind of thing.)

This was a pretty darned good day. And I owe it all to Spouse having 6 consecutive days off, getting some R&R at various family functions, a brilliant friend whose creative writing MA from Columbia is finally worth its weight in my appreciation, and a child who somehow, some way, has decided to settle down today.


5 thoughts on “Like a cool drink of water

  1. Can we switch kids tomorrow? Because my three year old was all NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! about everything today.

    Congrats on the good conversation with master writer person with good feedback. Glad that you feel relaxed, too.

    And remember…you ROCK, girl.

  2. I’m glad you got some feedback that makes sense to you!

    I think you really needed a good day or two under your belt. Send the good vibes my way, couldja?

  3. Oh, darlings, I would gladly send you both TWO wonderfully enjoyable kids for THREE days if I could. Damn, but those days are few and far between, eh?

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