No quote of the day today. I’m way behinnd in my reading, and I got to coo at new neices and play with family and friends today. So I am not up for assignments and expectations and such. I’ve been a bit too self driven all my life and I’m not in the mood today.

Got some solid feedback from an agent late last night, and I’m trying to decide what parts of it I’ll incorporate. I know I’m not fond of the “no thank you” part, but much of the rest was thoughtful.

So I cuddled babies and saw people I love and sucked on a big bag of sour grapes for a while. And I’ll tell you: having three small people smile at me today was worth not typing up a quote for you, the few readers who seem to be online this week. Where did everybody go?

9 thoughts on “Chillin’

  1. It is an oddly quiet week on the internet.

    A “no thank you” with details is pretty exciting, even if it is a no thank you!

  2. I’m sorry about the agent, Naptime. At least they offered you feedback, though – that part is pretty impressive.

  3. Where did everyone go? I think the the MJ memorial. Not me, though. but my google reader does daunt me with 711 posts to read. So, the encouraging part, it’s not just you!!! Don’t get discouraged on the book! Just keep getting it out there (right???)

  4. Well, obviously that dude is stone cold nuts for rejecting the manuscript, but getting extensive and helpful comments on it means you have skillz! The most extensive feedback I ever got on a rejection was a couple of lines.

    I am also really impressed at how well you are handling this. Whenever I get a rejection I have to suck my thumb, in the fetal position, for at least a week.


  5. Oh, we are all here busy licking our wounds and the smears of spilt yougurt off our tops. Try popping a few of those sour grapes into a martini or two…maybe not the best way to manage through life but one to which I personally am an avid convert.

    And The Kitchen Witch is right – you have done amazing to get substantive feedback from an agent. Write on!

  6. Hey, thanks, readers! I am not upset that the novel was rejected, but that I now have great ideas to make it better and wish I could resubmit to the lady who made the comments. She only read 50 pages, and the stuff from her comments is in the rest of the book. She’s actually a pretty badass in the lit community, so I felt like she should’ve gotten a better version, you know?

  7. Ok, that sucks that she didn’t read it all to get a better view. But at least it’s feedback. :-) I’m mean that’s so cool. You’re my hero.
    And Yes, the blogs are strangely quiet. Weird. Annoying.

  8. Totally and completely their loss! Whoever gets to publish you will WIN.

    But I agree that getting comments is a HUGE deal and must show that she believes there’s a future for the book.

    So hugs because that can’t have felt great but also cheers because you did *not* get the No Thank You Typed Rejection Note! You got Comments, which means You Are Worthy.

    Also, you’re one “no” closer to a “yes” (isn’t there a sales maxim that goes something like that?).

    Time for a spa day.

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